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The Ox in the Year of the Snake

Chinese astrology 2013 The Ox
The Ox Zodiac Sign

Chinese Horoscope 2013: the Ox

The Ox sign in the Chinese Year of the Snake: love and relationships

In the couple life, you'll decide together with your partner to solve some older family issues and also to settle some financial matters that have been giving you headaches lately. As there are no other problems or difficulties foreseen, the harmony in the sentimental life will allow you to focus on the professional area, which will demand most of your attention.

If you haven't found a partner yet, you'll decide that it's time you went out more often, accepted invitations, that you shouldn't say no to any opportunity to be introduced to new people.

Towards the end of the first quarter of the year of the Snake, a relationship with bright perspectives might come along. At the middle of the year, in the new relationship there will already be discussions on a future together.

The Ox sign in the Chinese Year of the Snake: career and money

At work you'll carry out your tasks reliably, but the atmosphere will be rather tense and you'll start considering a change.

At the beginning of the second quarter of the year of the Snake 2013, a discussion will stimulate you to launch into business on your own in an area that will highlight your artistic talent. You'll start looking for serious and reliable collaborators. The third quarter will find you all prepared, ready to move on to action.

At the financial level, you'll start the year of the Snake clarifying some older issues and paying off some debts from the past.

You might make the decision to redecorate your house. Or maybe you'll be thinking of selling or buying a place to live - anyway, all this will also imply some official documents, some signatures, etc.

Even if in the third quarter there will be some unexpected expenses, there are no reasons to worry as concerns money because one can foresee a wage raise or a premium or some extra income obtained simply by means of good luck.

In the third quarter of the year of the Snake 2013, you'll have the opportunity to cut down on some expenses as a result of some negotiations with an institution.


 The Ox in Chinese Astrology:

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The Ox in the Chinese Year of the Snake