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The Horse In The Year of the Rabbit

Chinese astrology 2011-2012 The Horse
The Horse Zodiac Sign

Chinese Horoscope 2011-2012: the Horse

The Chinese Year of the Rabbit begins on February 3, 2011 and ends on January 22, 2012.

Love horoscope for the Horse sign in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit

You're determined to do your best for the relationship with your partner to become as harmonious as possible. Fortunately, you'll be on the same wavelength and you'll both want to escape routine and boredom.

You'll do sports and will go riding together (especially towards the end of the year), you'll go to shows and funfairs. There'll be more and more harmony in your couple life and this will help you set your tenderness free. In conclusion, the Year of the Rabbit will be extremely beneficial to the sentimental life of the people born in the year of the Horse and will consolidate the relationship.

If you're still a single Horse, the first trimester of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit could introduce you to an extremely interesting person. A love story might very well arise, but you shouldn't make long-term plans. However, enjoy what you've got and live each moment of it fully!

Career horoscope for the Horse sign in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit will be beneficial in the professional area for the Horse. You'll be one of the favorites for the stars, which will help you find the necessary resources to carry through the projects you intend to embark on.

If you've been tempted to start a business on your own lately, now it's the right time to put it into practice. However, you'll have to rely on yourself only in the beginning, without counting on anybody's help - unless you want to be disappointed and experience losses.

Be ready to deal with the envy of the people around you when they see you succeed. You might discover that not all your friends will be happy for you, and some of them will only want to take advantage.

Financially, it'll be very good. In 2011-2012 you'll have a favorable period for major investments, such as a house or a car.

You could get some financial support from your family, or an inheritance you had to fight for or go to trial against somebody.

Health horoscope for the Horse sign in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit

You'll be in a very good shape and you'll have a great capacity for physical effort. The morale will also be very good. All you need is some time for relaxation and meditation from time to time.

No health problems are foreseen.

In the Year of the Rabbit you'll manage to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. You'll be able to lose weight (if that's what you want), to start a regular schedule of exercising, to stop smoking, etc.


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Chinese horoscope 2011-2012
The Horse in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit