Monkey Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

Compatible Signs
The Monkey

The Monkey's ideal partners are the Rat and the Dragon, but he would better stay away from the Tiger.

Here are the Monkey's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Monkey-Rat Compatibility ●●●●

The Monkey and the Rat have a lot in common: they think alike and they have the same overview on life. The physical attraction is mutual.

Monkey-Ox Compatibility ●●●●

The Monkey and the Ox are two complementary characters. If they manage to build a relationship, they will both have an interesting and pleasant life.

Monkey-Tiger Compatibility ●●●

The Monkey doesn't belong next to a Tiger. It's such a difficult relationship that both of them will go crazy or come at each other.

Monkey-Rabbit Compatibility ●●●

When a Monkey meets a Rabbit, one of them will end up crying - and it won't be the Monkey.

Monkey-Dragon Compatibility ●●●●

A profound relationship with deep feelings. The Monkey and the Dragon think alike and respect each other. They will enjoy happiness and accomplishments together.

Monkey-Snake Compatibility ●●●●

In such a relationship, both the Monkey and the Snake will be preoccupied with hiding from each other. However, this exaggerated suspicion can be overcome if both are willing to be tolerant.

Monkey-Horse Compatibility ●●●●

A classic case of good friends and nothing more. The Monkey and the Horse can be buddies, but living together is out of the question.

Monkey-Goat Compatibility ●●●●

Although very different, the Monkey and the Goat can take advantage of each other's qualities and build an interesting relationship. They both need to communicate and to accept wise compromises.

Monkey-Monkey Compatibility ●●●●

What can two Monkeys do together but have fun by fooling around in public? However, they will feel great.

Monkey-Rooster Compatibility ●●●

Hardly can there be any attraction between a Monkey and a Rooster. It wouldn't lead anywhere, anyway.

Monkey-Dog Compatibility ●●●

A relationship with high chances to work, because both the Monkey and the Dog want to be together. They will get along very well because they complete each other.

Monkey-Pig Compatibility ●●●

There is an irresistible sexual attraction between the Monkey and the Pig. The arguments or misunderstandings that might occur will only stir things up.

Astrologer: Ariana

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Monkey Compatibility in Chinese Astrology
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