Dragon Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

Compatible Signs
The Dragon

The Dragon has excellent relations with the Rat and the Monkey. However, the Dragon is in for hard times with the Dog.

Here are the Dragon's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Dragon-Rat Compatibility ●●●●

A happy combination. The Dragon and the Rat get along wonderfully mainly because they are on the same sentimental wavelength.

Dragon-Ox Compatibility ●●●

Although there is attraction at first sight between the Dragon and the Ox, they are so stubborn that their relationship won't last for long. Neither of them is willing to give up.

Dragon-Tiger Compatibility ●●●

A vigorous relationship, full of arguments - but of intense lovemaking sessions, too. The Dragon and the Tiger form a flaming combination.

Dragon-Rabbit Compatibility ●●●●

The Dragon and the Rabbit have only one chance: compromise. If both of them learn to give in, they will see that they can complete each other. Otherwise, their differences will lead to conflicts and separation.

Dragon-Dragon Compatibility ●●●●

The relationship between two Dragons can be very powerful and lasting, on the condition that they both give in a little when fighting for precedence.

Dragon-Snake Compatibility ●●●

Both of them are intelligent, cunning and witty. The Dragon and the Snake match wonderfully and they will have a good life together.

Dragon-Horse Compatibility ●●●

The Dragon and the Horse have an excellent relationship sexually speaking. If they manage to get along too, they will have a very nice life together.

Dragon-Goat Compatibility ●●●

Although there's a great sexual attraction between the Dragon and the Goat, they will eventually realize they are not meant to be together and they'll go separate ways.

Dragon-Monkey Compatibility ●●●●

A profound relationship, with deep feelings. The Dragon and the Monkey think alike and respect each other. They will be happy together and will accomplish a lot.

Dragon-Rooster Compatibility ●●●●

The Dragon and the Rooster are two selfish people that form a nice and interesting couple. They look good together but their personalities will eventually collide.

Dragon-Dog Compatibility ●●●

A relationship to be avoided without hesitation and regrets. At any price. Any relationship between a Dog and a Dragon can make both of them go crazy.

Dragon-Pig Compatibility ●●●

The love between a Dragon and a Pig is so deep, tender and playful that it risks annoying people around. But to them it's a harmonious combination, based on spiritual communion.

Astrologer: Ariana

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Dragon Compatibility in Chinese Astrology
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