Dog Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

Compatible Signs
The Dog

The Dog's best matches are the Tiger and the Horse. The Dog will have a rough time with the Dragon.

Here are the Dog's compatibilities with each animal in the Chinese zodiac:

Dog-Rat Compatibility ●●●●

Although the Dog seems a little dull to the Rat, they can have a stable life together. The important thing is that there is mutual respect.

Dog-Ox Compatibility ●●●●

Although such a relationship is not out of the question, the Dog and the Ox have too little in common and they won't be comfortable with each other. It's better not to try it.

Dog-Tiger Compatibility ●●●●

The Tiger and the Dog admire and respect each other. A successful team in business and a solid couple in sentimental relationships.

Dog-Rabbit Compatibility ●●●

The Dog is very protective and the Rabbit loves feeling safe. A highly stable relationship. The Dog and the Rabbit can have a life full of joy together.

Dog-Dragon Compatibility ●●●

A relationship that should be avoided without hesitation and regrets. At any cost. Any kind of relationship between a Dog and a Dragon can make both of them go crazy.

Dog-Snake Compatibility ●●●

Attraction at first sight. After they experience sensual love, the Dog and the Snake will realize that they get along very well spiritually too.

Dog-Horse Compatibility ●●●●

A very good compatibility. The Dog and the Horse will have a lasting, happy and fulfilled relationship.

Dog-Goat Compatibility ●●●

There is no attraction between a Dog and a Goat because they have nothing in common. They can spend much time together, but neither of them will enjoy it very much.

Dog-Monkey Compatibility ●●●

A relationship that has very good chances to last, because both the Dog and the Monkey enjoy being together. They will understand each other very well because they complete each other.

Dog-Rooster Compatibility ●●●●

They don't have anything in common, therefore a relationship between a Dog and a Rooster is most unlikely and it would require great efforts.

Dog-Dog Compatibility ●●●●

They are both gentle, understanding and devoted. A relationship between two Dogs is usually lasting.

Dog-Pig Compatibility ●●●

Although it will probably be a little dull, a relationship between a Dog and a Pig is based on sincerity and mutual respect. Therefore, they will have a good life together.

Astrologer: Ariana

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Dog Compatibility in Chinese Astrology
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