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Virgo 2014: Career Horoscope

Astrology 2014 Yearly Horoscope
Virgo 2014

Saturn, the ruler of Virgo's house of work, will stay in the area of the mind and communication in 2014 as well. The preoccupations will be dominantly intellectual or they will have a lot to do with information, with sharing or processing information, with writing or speaking.

It is possible that you'll travel frequently and you'll make a lot of contacts. Exchanges, including the commercial ones, will be encouraged. There will be appropriate circumstances for success and promotion, especially in the first part of the year 2014, when you enjoy popularity and you easily find support in reaching objectives.

Beware, though, in May-June 2014, when professional decisions need to be weighed carefully, and goals need to be clearly defined.

By July 2014, finances will represent a topic of interest and worry. Being in the cycle of retrograde movement, Mars will stay in Virgo's house of money for almost eight months (December 7th 2013 - July 26th 2014), in which period you'll manifest more financial initiative than usual, and money will be very motivating, will stir agitation and will make you consume energy and fight. Rivalry, competition and financially-based conflicts will not be excluded.

The astrological configuration of the first part of the year 2014 will be rather risky, because Uranus will also be on Virgo's financial axis, and it'll form three oppositions with Mars, in December 2013, April and June 2014.

Mars will effectively be retrograde between March 1st and May 20th 2014, the most critical period, which will require a lot of prudence.

The peak will be in April, when you not only face Mars' retrograde movement and the Mars-Uranus opposition, but you also face a Moon eclipse in Virgo's house of money. It'd be wiser to postpone important financial decisions for after May 20th 2014.

The second part of the year will be much more peaceful and neutral both professionally and financially.

Throughout the whole year 2014, collaboration relationships need to be assessed rationally and objectively.

The Virgo yearly horoscope 2014 provides long-term astrology trends. For in-depth short- and medium-term predictions, read the Virgo monthly horoscope.

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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