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Scorpio 2014: Love Horoscope

Astrology 2014 Yearly Horoscope
Scorpio 2014

Neptune, romantic and full of hopes, will stay in Scorpio's house of love in 2014 also. In a way, it is good because thus it will cancel some of the reserve of Saturn, which is in Scorpio.

On the other hand, Neptune lives in surreal spheres and it is rather inefficient: the love stories born under its wing will rarely take shape, and if they do, they will be ambiguous or uncertain. From this point of view, you'll do well with the transit of Saturn, practical and realistic. However, under this ambivalent Neptune-Saturn influence, the heart could tell something different from what reason might tell you.

It seems that there's a lot to dwell on as regards relationships, because Venus, being in the cycle of retrograde movement, will spend a lot of time in Scorpio's house of the intellect (November 5th 2013 - March 5th 2014).

Looking at things from a different angle, Venus is the ruler of Scorpio's house of couples, and its transits will obviously reflect on the couple. Being in the cycle of retrograde movement until March 2014, Venus could bring events that lead to questions like: "Am I in the rigth relationship?", "What do I expect of a relationship?", "What are my expectations of my partner?", "What about my partner's expectations of me?" and others of the kind.

Communication within the couple will be essential to Scorpios in this period. It's good to talk about what you feel and about what's on your mind, maybe even negotiate with the partner on certain conditions of your living together. Also, the relationship could involve intense mailing or many trips.

To some Scorpios, Venus' transit can take out to the surface past love stories or deeply buried frustrations.

The atmosphere will relax in April 2014, which will be a very romantic month.

In May 2014 there might appear some partnership-related problems.

June, August, the end of October and the first week of November 2014 will be intervals of harmony and accomplishments.

As for the rest, the atmosphere will be neutral.

These long-term predictions are best complemented by the Scorpio monthly horoscope which provides in-depth short- and medium-term astrology predictions.

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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