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Pisces 2014: Career Horoscope

Astrology 2014 Yearly Horoscope
Pisces 2014

The first part of the year 2014 will be characterized of financial fever, of a genuine preoccupation with transactions, acquisitions, investments, contacts with the business environment, with banks or insurance companies, with the fiscal authorities, etc.

Pisces' axis of money will be energized by Mars and Uranus, dynamic and full of initiative planets that will push you to taking action forcefully. It's just that you have to take great care, because Mars and Uranus are both rebel planets, rash, adventurous, risk-prone, hard to control. If Mars and Uranus go crazy, they can cause damage or conflicts related to money.

Watch out especially between March 1st and May 20th 2014, when Mars is retrograde. In this interval you are recommended not to initiate important financial operations, borrow or lend money. You can struggle to access grants or to recuperate something that you are entitled to. Expect stress and overload, though.

For Pisces people, the first half of 2014 will favor expressing talents, promoting the image or the products, and it can provide unexpected opportunities.

Throughout the whole year 2014, Saturn will be in your house of remote places and of the abstract intellect. It can bring you serious remote or official collaboration relationships and success with cultural, scientific or university activities that will require concentration, effort, patience and depth.

In July 2014 financial pressure will fade away and Jupiter will enter Pisces' house of work. In the second half of 2014 you'll take pleasure in working, your results will be appreciated and generously rewarded, there will be opportunities to advance, to find a better job or a second job, and especially to make professional changes that will prove to be beneficial and profitable.

Success will come especially towards the end of the year (November-December 2014).

The Pisces yearly horoscope 2014 provides long-term astrology trends. For in-depth short- and medium-term predictions, read the Pisces monthly horoscope.

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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