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Libra 2014: Love Horoscope

Astrology 2014 Yearly Horoscope
Libra 2014

With Uranus in Libra's house of relationships, the period 2011-2018 will be trepidant, marked by changes that regard the couple or the couple partner.

To successfully go through these years, you'll need adjustability and benevolence. More than ever in the first part of 2014, because Uranus will be caught in a tense configuration.

And there's more to it. The ruler of Libra's house of relationships, Mars, will be in the cycle of retrograde movement precisely in Libra, where it'll stay unusually long: between December 7th 2013 and July 26th 2014. This long stay could have an important impact on the couple life.

In theory, retrograde Mars in Libra should amplify your sexuality and love initiative, make you more desired and bring passion to your life. It's just that Mars will be irritated by the opposition with Uranus and by the squares with Jupiter and Pluto and will tend to take out its negative, aggressive and conflicting side.

Beyond the tendency towards disagreement, there'll be the danger of outbursts or even break-up, especially if the personal horoscope predisposes. Moreover, by March 2014 Venus, the planet of love and Libra's ruler, will also be in the cycle of retrograde movement.

The most complicated periods will be January, March, (particularly!) April and the first two decanates of May 2014.

The above-described transits could bring, however, passionate love stories too. But they will tend to be troubled and to end badly.

In July 2014, tension will dispel as if it has never been there, and harmony will take its place back in Libra's relationships.

Under a splendid, big triangle between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, the second part of September and all the month October 2014 will promise happy love and fullfilment for Libra's couple life.

These long-term predictions are best complemented by the Libra monthly horoscope which provides in-depth short- and medium-term astrology predictions.

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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