Leo Yearly Horoscope 2014

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Leo 2014 Main Astrological Trends

The great Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter triangle that will form in the first half of 2014 will be favorable to investments and to solving some housing or domestic issues. For example, it can be used for building or fixing a house, or for solving parents' problems, for coming into the possession of some inheritance or of some patrimony goods.

As well as this, the Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter triangle could be used for organising finances, in case you have to recuperate or give back money, if there has been any disorder in your relations with banks, with the IRS, insurance companies, or simply in managing your business.

It'll still be in the first part of 2014 that Leo's axis of trips will be rather tense. Be careful when traveling, drive safe and avoid speeding more than anything! Leos will be more accident-prone than the rest of the signs.

Avoid buying a car in the period March 1st - May 20th 2014, when Mars is retrograde, because there's the risk of experiencing all sorts of troubles with it later.

Take care of your health, also! There will be some tension on Leo's medical axis, so you're recommended to avoid excesses, prolonged efforts and anything you know your body does not accept, to have your routine tests done exactly according to the schedule and take doctors' advice. It's not such big of an effort.

Anyway, starting July 2014 vitality will raise spectacularly, health will come back to its parameters and you'll be able to manifest freely.

Leo 2014 Love and Relationships Horoscope

The first part of 2014 will be quite peaceful.

Saturn, ruler of Leo's house of couple, will form a harmonious triangle with the romantic Neptune and the happy Jupiter. The situation will be stable, and the emphasis will especially be on family life, domestic activities, on interests related to accommodation, properties and assets.

It'll be a time of privacy, when you seem to be more interested in the sensitive, emotional side of the relationship, rather than in the physical, passionate one. Some Leos might want to settle down, to build a home.

It is also possible that work or other responsibilities will overwhelm you and sentimental life will come second.

It's not excluded that at one point you'll mix work with pleasure. For example, in January-February 2014, when Venus has a longer stay in Leo's house of work (where it entered last year), you might work together with your partner or you might have an affair at the workplace.

Venus will be more generous with happiness in March 2014, when it passes through Leo's house of couple. You'll now socialize more and you'll open your heart more easily. You'll do it again only in the last decan of June and in the first two decans of July 2014. After that - a boom of happiness!

On July 16th 2014 Jupiter will enter Leo, and once it arrives you'll feel like living your life, like enjoying freedom, broad horizons, adventure. The sexual instinct will come back to life, the sentimental availability will grow, and if you get any opportunity, don't step back.

August 2014 promises great accomplishments although you might also face problems related to home, family or parents.

Jupiter's enthusiasm will continue to accompany and offer you memorable moments by the end of the year 2014 and even in 2015.

Leo 2014 Career and Finances Horoscope

Pluto will continue putting pressure on Leo's house of work. It'll strive a lot, because it is a perfectionist that looks for high performance. And it wants to be in control, to impose, to earn more money.

At the same time, in the first part of 2014 Pluto might also teach you some lessons on what power is, how it can be gained or lost and what its price is, about abuse and over-enthusiasm, about ambitious projects that get out of control.

In January and February 2014, together with Venus, Pluto might tell you about how complicated relationships with colleagues, collaborators or associates can become, about what it means to be diplomat and what it is like to step into the subordinates' shoes when you're a boss.

With Mars having a longer stay than usual in Leo's third house, the first half of 2014 could require a bigger intellectual or nervous effort of you and also highlight communication, with all its good and bad aspects, from persuasion to disputes, accusations and offence.

It'll be a hectic period in which you'd better think twice before making a decision, be careful when handling documents, about what you sign or say. Beware, especially between March 1st and May 20th 2014!

April is the most stressful month of 2014, especially if there are tests or exams that you have to take, papers that you have to hand in, lectures to give or trips to take.

Success shows up discreetly in May 2014. However, things will change in June turning to your favor, providing promotion and development opportunities. It'll be the influence of Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, which will enter Leo on July 16th 2014 and promise a whole year of success and prosperity.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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