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Gemini 2014 Main Astrological Trends

In 2014 you'll be able to make progress as concerns your career, but it'll take a lot of effort. Soemtimes you might get the impression that you stagnate or that fate goes against you. Don't lay your weapons, be perseverant, because accomplishments will come!

As regards money, the first half of 2014 will be very active and could be very profitable. However, around money there will arise tension, discussions, stress. There can be confusion and unexpected expenses and in certain regards you might discover that your expectations are too high. Moderation is the key!

Beware, especially in January 2014, when it is preferable that you avoid making major financial decisions.

Health is another chapter that will be worth of attention in 2014. It'll be the second year when Saturn will be watching, waiting to catch you off-guard. Try to have good life hygiene, avoid excesses, have enough rest and fortify your body.

Take vitamins and minerals, undergo a treatment for stimulating immunity and spare yourself. Take any indisposition seriously, go to the doctor's and don't let things develop by themselves. Watch out, especially in August-September 2014.

If you're a woman, a special warning as regards pregnancy and children which will be under the influence of Mars in the first half of 2014. Mars has the habit of rushing things, it often brings C-sections, it implies risks of spontaneous abortion and it can generate all sorts of worries related to children.

Gemini 2014 Love and Relationships Horoscope

2014 foreshadows to be interesting for Geminians at the relational level, maybe even exciting.

Mars, the planet of desire, will complete its cycle of retrograde movement in Gemini's house of love and eroticism. It'll be a rare situation, which will make Mars stay unusually long in this house: almost eight months (December 7th 2013 - July 25th 2014) instead of five or six weeks, as it usually does.

The first part of 2014 will imply a lot of adrenaline, sentimental enthusiasm and carnal lust. It is said that Gemini is a sign of the mind and of reason. Well, they will now learn what it is like when instincts take over, and the flesh and the soul demand their rights.

Some Geminians will find their interest for the partner renewed and they will re-launch their sexual life, others will crazily fall in love or will act irrationally in the name of love, others will be drawn to the forbidden fruit, which they will desperately want to pick, no matter how much it will cost them. Regardless how, the period will be passionate, alive, dynamic, full of events and probaly scattered with incidents.

Surprises and changes of situations will not miss, because Mars will be in opposition with Uranus, nor will overreactions, because Mars will be in square with Jupiter, nor will hardship and frustrations, because Mars will be in square with Pluto.

Prudence is recommended, especially in January 2014, when other stressful configuration form, and in the period March 1st - May 20th 2014, when Mars is effectively retrograde.

It is still until July 2014 that your couple life will be one way or another marked by the issue of money or of material goods.

In July 2014 Mars will leave Gemini's house of love and eroticism and the situation will loosen up. Relationships will tightly be connected to communication and trips.

The intensely sentimental periods will be September, October, the second part of November and the first half of December 2014.

Gemini 2014 Career and Finances Horoscope

A full year. By July 2014, Gemini's vocational houses will be ocupied by a favorable triangle which will have as its angles Neptune (in Gemini's house of career), Saturn (in Gemini's house of work) and Jupiter (in Gemini's house of money). It sounds as if you took out all your resources, striving for reaching a dream and making good money at the same time.

Still in the first part of 2014, Mars will lend you great power of expression, it will help with your promotion and might urge you to take up sport or other activities with high energy consumption.

In July 2014, Jupiter will leave Gemini's house of money and enter a familiar area for Geminis, the one of intellect, information, communication and trips, which it will make flourish and give results.

Neptune, located in Gemini's house of career, will look for the ideal, for the vocation, and it seems to be interested in creative-artistic, spiritual or humanitarian activities.

Saturn, located in Gemini's house of work, will assign you with many tasks, will demand long work hours and will want you full of patience, perseverance and reliability. With Saturn by your side, you'll be able to learn what effort, discipline, organisation and strategy are. Saturn can be interested in traditional jobs or boring work, repetitive, done in confined spaces.

The last part of February, March and April 2014 will make you stand out and can bring you great social-professional satisfactions.

In June 2014 you need patience and a lot of attention when making decisions: Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini.

August and the first part of September 2014 will be demanding periods.

2014 promises Geminians nice earnings. However, beware of the money from collaboration and association relationships, of loans, recuperations and investments in January-February 2014 and, again, from the end of September to the first days of December 2014.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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