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Capricorn 2014 Main Astrological Trends

The first seven months of the year 2014 will be rather difficult for all the zodiac signs. A cardinal cross will form in the sky between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, a configuration which will keep until July 2014 and will generate tension.

On the arm of the cardinal cross that is marked by Pluto will also rest Venus in the first quarter of 2014. Venus and Mars will be in their respective cycles of retrograde movement, and they will stay for a long period of time in the same respective signs, tending to sometimes behave uncharacteristically.

To Capricornians Venus and Mars will be in the two most important sectors of their horoscope, and Jupiter and Uranus in the following two (out of twelve). There will be pressure on your career, partnerships, accommodation and properties, parents and family. They will all be subjected to stress or changes; in any of them there might appear challenges that could lead to accomplishments or difficulties depending on the case.

The strongest energies will discharge on Capricorn's career-home axis (to which parents and properties will also add up). It is here that the biggest demands will be, that the most acute moments will occur, that prudence and wisdom will be neeeded.

Capricornians are very good at building strategies. If you assess the situations carefully, build the right strategies and are patient, you'll get over anything successfully. To your luck, Saturn will help you.

Starting July 2014, things will calm down. Relationships will come back to normal, some new wind will blow in your home bringing positive changes.

It is still July 2014 that good signs regarding earnings and investments will show.

Capricorn 2014 Love and Relationships Horoscope

Relationships will probably be the most important thing in your life in the first half of 2014. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will be in Capricorn's house of couple until July, generating huge affective needs and hoping accordingly. However, it'll be up to you also whether they will be fulfilled or not.

If it's in a good mood, Jupiter will bring you open horizons, happiness and fulfilment. If it's in a bad mood, it'll lose measure, asking for more than it should, thinking that it can afford to do anything or overreact. And in the first part of 2014, Jupiter will be bothered by several planets.

On the other hand, Jupiter loves freedom greatly. If you're into a relationship that makes you feel suffocated or confined, you will now have the power to break the chains.

An intense and complicated period will particularly be the first quarter of 2014. The starting point was in November-December of the previous year, and the main factor will be Venus' prolonged transit in Capricorn (November 5th - March 5th 2014).

Both Venus' and Jupiter's transits will bear great emotional load and they could bring you love or other relational accomplishments. At the same time, they will be part of an ample tense configuration, which can cause various troubles.

In case you find yourself in a critical situation or you feel that spirits are getting hot, remember that you need to keep calm and objective and that by benevolence and diplomacy you'll get better results than by any other attitude.

The Sun eclipse on April 29th 2014 foreshadows unusual development in the area of passion and sexuality. As for the rest, a calm and ordinary atmosphere.

Venus will discreetly court you, though, in July-August, the last week of October, the first half of November and the last two decans of December 2014.

Capricorn 2014 Career and Finances Horoscope

Career will be the second pillar of the year 2014, after relationships. And for some Capricornians career could even come first.

Being in its cycle of retrograde movement, Mars, the planet of action, will spend time in Capricorn's house of career between December 7th 2013 and July 27th 2014. It's almost eight months, five or six times longer than it usually spends in a house. It's an important transit, which promises significant events.

Mars is a dynamic, ambitious planet that takes the initiative, competes and fights. Therefore, it will want you to mobilize in order to prove your value, to show what you are capable of, to impose and climb the ladder.

You'll need to get involved, to take control, to take action. This way you'll make a lot of progress and the stress will be less harmful. All this because Mars will not only be in a very persistent phase, but it will also be challenged by Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. There will be great energies at stake, anxious and impulsive, and if you don't keep them busy, they can go crazy in a destructive way.

In case such a transit is poorly managed, there will be a risk of disputes with bosses or authorities, of scandal or failure.

You should also take into consideration the fact that the pressure manifesting at the level of sentimental relationships can also manifest at the level of collaboration and association relationships. Be nice and cautious with the people you work with as it'll be to everyone's best!

In 2014, Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, will still be preoccupied with collective projects, with joining a larger group of people, maybe even an already-set up organisation, with celebrations, conferences or other reunions with an audience, with supporters and protectors. It'll be an area which can bring you satisfactions and which you can rely on in these turbulent times.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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