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Cancer 2014: Career Horoscope

Astrology 2014 Yearly Horoscope
Cancer 2014

Located in Cancer's house of career since 2011, Uranus will follow the same goals in 2014: novelty, change, upgrading. Being an energetic and motivating planet, Uranus will electrify and will necessarily want to cause sensation, to amaze, to surprise.

Uranus in your house of career can contribute to making some remarkable progress, but for this you'll need to be continuously effervescent and keep reinventing yourself.

Jupiter's passing through Cancer (June 26th 2013 - July 16th 2014) will bring in its turn a wave of accomplishing energy, of enthusiasm and appetite for expansion.

If you manage to channel the strength lent by Uranus and Jupiter, you'll be able to take a big step further in your career.

But it won't be very simple. Mars, the ruler of Cancer's house of career, will be in an unfavorable position in the first seven months of 2014, so the coordination of actions could be faulty. There can appear people or situations that will block or affect action, conflicting circumstances, challenges.

Collaboration could be troublesome in January-February 2014, but particularly in January. Fortunately, it seems you can resist this considerable stress, as you are perseverant enough to make it and continue heading towards the top.

After all, these turbulences seem to work as a catalyst of changes, encouraging you to get involved in things you wouldn't have otherwise had the courage to get involved in.

In July 2014 the tension will go down and the results of the efforts in the first half of the year will start to become visible.

Jupiter will enter Cancer's house of money, which enables you to hope for some financial comfort. Not only this, but Jupiter will find a way to harmoniously cooperate with Uranus, encouraging positive changes.

The second half of September and almost all October 2014 will be marked by progress, development, and prosperity.

The Cancer yearly horoscope 2014 provides long-term astrology trends. For in-depth short- and medium-term predictions, read the Cancer monthly horoscope.

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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