Aries Yearly Horoscope 2014

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Aries 2014 Main Astrological Trends

The first seven months of 2014 will not be easy to anyone, but especially Arians, Librans, Cancerians and Capricornians or those with important marks in these zodiac signs (the Ascendent, the ruler of the Ascendant, the Moon) will have the hardest shares to pull.

At the root of the difficulties will be the cardinal cross made by Uranus (located in Aries), Jupiter (in Cancer), Mars (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn).

Arians will experience problems particularly with the Mars-Uranus opposition. This is because Mars is Aries' ruler, and Uranus will be in Aries. The two planets are dynamic and turbulent, so they will bring visible events, with strong impact.

Putting the violent component aside, this configuration can prove to be very stimulating. Arians love fight, have courage, can cope with stress, and they manage critical moments admirably.

The squares that Mars and Uranus will form with the ambitious Pluto, located in Aries' house of career, can generate new social-professional enthusiasm, the more so as Pluto is supported by Saturn (strategy) and by Neptune (inspiration).

The squares that Mars and Uranus will make with Jupiter could channel some initiatives related to home, family, and properties. On the other hand, relationships of any nature could be affected.

To Arians who have certain configurations in their natal chart, the Mars-Jupiter and Uranus-Jupiter squares can generate potentially risky situations for health or for physical integrity.

The most serious turbulence could manifest in March, April, May. Anyway, prudence until July 2014! Afterwards, you can manifest freely.

Aries 2014 Love and Relationships Horoscope

In the first part of 2014, Aries' house of couple will be dwelled by Mars, the planet of passion, but also of conflicts.

Mars usually spends six or seven weeks in a house. However, it'll now be in the cycle of retrograde movement and it'll stay for almost eight months (December 7th 2013 - July 26th 2014). If it was in good relations with the rest of the planets, Mars could show its passionate, conquering, enterprising side and could bring you some burning, passionate, crazy love.

Unfortunately, in 2014 Mars will be in conflicting relations with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, that highlight its quarellsome, tough, aggressive side. Therefore, there will be a risk of tension, conflicts, even aggression or separation.

In the first months of 2014 Venus, the ruler of Aries' house of couple, will also be in the cycle of retrograde movement and, in addition to that, in a difficult position.

Be very careful in the intervals December 22nd 2013 - January 31st 2014 (effectively retrograde Venus) and March 1st - May 20th 2014 (effectively retrograde Mars).

With a Moon eclipse in Aries' house of relationships, to which other opposite planetary aspects add up, April 2014 will be the most difficult month of the year. You'll need a lot of patience, prudence and diplomacy in order to maintain your relationship within peaceful parameters. Or your partner might undergo a stressful period.

Fortunately, in July 2014 things will clear up. Mars will leave Aries' house of couple, and in Aries' house of love and sexuality will enter Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, full of energy, enthusiasm and luck.

The second part of the year 2014 will bring Arians lust for life, fun and adventure, as well as sentimental opportunities and bright perspectives for love and eroticism.

Aries 2014 Career and Finances Horoscope

A full, active and very demanding year.

In its first part (until July 2014), you'll probably find yourself in situations in which you'll have to fight, defend yourself, make choices, take decisions.

With Pluto in Aries' house of career and with Uranus precisely in Aries, for several years already your ambitions have been higher, the desire to control greater, and the need to change/renew some things in your life and implicitely in the professional sphere will be felt more and more acutely.

Jupiter's arrival in Cancer, in opposition with Pluto and in square with Uranus, will give you an extra impulse in this direction, will create broader perspectives for you, but it can also worsen the tendency to exaggerate or not take into account the risks.

By far, however, the most active and the most challenging domain for Arians will be the one of relationships. Starting December 2013 until the end of July 2014, Mars will be in your house of relationships, and your attention and energy will be held by subjects that concern association, collaboration, competitions, litigations.

One way or another, you'll always confront the others, you'll interact with them energetically, use your time and effort to the benefit of the others or to the purpose of some shared actions.

You might come into contact with strong opponents, agressive people, attack or be attacked.

The first part of 2014 will have good growing potential, though. You'll focus exceptionally, you'll follow your goals tenaciously and you'll have good professional intuition.

There will be an interesting mark related to investments, to the possibility of extending in the real estate area (accommodation, premises, land, etc.) or of coming into the possession of some patrimony goods.

In July 2014 a visible change of tone will take place. Tension will dispel, a favorable wind will start blowing and it will keep blowing throughout the rest of the year.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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