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Virgo 2013: Career Horoscope

Virgo 2013 Yearly Horoscope
Virgo 2013

Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will offer you bright perspectives in 2013. Its accommodation in Virgo's house of career in the first part of the year will mark a period in which the need to be publicly acknowledged will amplify, there will be opportunities to stand out, chances, your position will improve, you'll consolidate your reputation, enjoy the results of some past efforts, you'll be successful, you'll achieve glory, and you'll receive prizes and appreciation.

Jupiter will lend you enthusiasm and trust urging you to develop, to approach ample and bold projects. You might travel for professional purposes or your objectives might be connected to foreign countries, distance, multinationals. Jupiter also favors success in university, scientific, cultural, publishing, legislative environments.

Jupiter's accomplishments will, of course, be accompanied by financial benefits. The richest periods will be February and May-June 2013.

In the second part of 2013 Jupiter will move to Cancer. It'll be an advantageous position, bringing popularity and success with collective activities. You can have accomplishments or you can aspire to a privileged position within certain groups whose members have come together due to some shared passion or interests (associations, foundations, organizations, clubs, parties, etc.).

Jupiter in Cancer will ensure the friendship, protection and support of some influential people, will help you find supporters and followers. Mercury, Virgo's ruler, will focus on the same directions. Achievements might not come easy, but with efforts and struggle.

The most significant period will be June-July 2013. September and November 2013 can mean performance also.

The financial sector will be rather restless: money will come... and will go, will be invested or even lost. Don't take risks, especially in March-April, August, November and December 2013!

Be careful who you become an associate with and check that collaboration and contracts are legal, correct and clear!

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Virgo 2013: Career Horoscope
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