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Taurus Horoscope 2013

Taurus 2013 Yearly Horoscope
Taurus Zodiac Sign
Main Astrological Trends
for Taurus in 2013

A year demanding a lot of flexibility. For your own good, you have to try to adjust to the others' needs, to make an effort to understand them and accept them with their qualities and flaws.

Saturn in Scorpio will be in opposition to Taurus' Sun. This aspect might lead to diminished vitality and might undermine your self-confidence, effects which in the second part of 2013 will be weakened or compensated for by Jupiter's favorable transit.

In the first part of the year 2013 you're recommended to take measures to strengthen your body and to treat your health problems without delay, to think positive, to surround yourself with happy people and follow your objectives step by step, no matter how seemingly slowly you advance.

When uncertainty or the difficulty to choose comes in, ask for advice from close people or from specialists in the field.

The second part of 2013 has an important mental component. Jupiter could highlight (and maybe accelerate) a process of changing the way you think, of relating to theory, concepts and principles, of restructuring the system of values, of looking for deep meanings of life, a process that Pluto already started at a subtle level three or four years ago. In this process you might find it useful to do some research on the way great thinkers of the world have approached these topics.


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Taurus Horoscope 2013
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