Scorpio Horoscope 2013

Scorpio Horoscope 2013

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Scorpio 2013 Astrological Overview

2013 will not be an easy year for Scorpios. It'll bring extra load, it'll be tiring and, in some regards, restrictive.

Saturn will limit your freedom and will force you to make some choices, the kind of choices that are usually made for the sake of necessity, not of desires.

Saturn has the habit of breaking optimism, of causing melancholic or discouraging thoughts. Don't let it do that to you! Be perseverant, think positive, and spend time around happy, dynamic people.

Watch your health! Saturn will weaken your body, clearing the way for the ailments you're vulnerable to. It'll predispose to osteoarticular diseases, to demineralization, dental and dermatological problems, maybe even related to hair and nails.

By the fall of 2015, your health will require constant monitoring. Even if Uranus lends you capacity to work, that won't spare you of troubles. Under Saturn's influence, diseases will develop silently, but gradually and they will tend to become chronic.

Saturn will bring you advantages as well: it'll help you become more disciplined, get rid of nasty habits and maybe even lose weight, if that's what you want.

As regards Pluto, the planet you have so many affinities with, it'll be for long term in Scorpio's house of intellect. You can use its focus and strength to penetrate, to get to valuable information, to study, to analyze, decipher, do research, experience, discover, investigate.

Scorpio 2013
Love and Relationships Horoscope

Neptune in Scorpio's house of love all year round in 2013 will emanate sentimental waves and sing romantic songs. It'll make you dream of love stories and give your heart to the first long looks.

With your heart full of feelings and your head turned upside down, you'll risk drifting apart from instincts, leaving your body in a state of hibernation. Or you could get involved in ambiguous, confused, uncertain relationships followed by painful disappointments.

On the contrary, recently located in Scorpio, Saturn will demand reason, responsibility, awareness and caution. It'll try to keep you in a conventional pattern and prevent you from risking.

Between Neptune and Saturn, you might be left with a heart already given and a decisive step not taken yet, start an inappropriate relationship and not be able to refuse it, or even worse, find yourself in a sort of loneliness in which you'll only have your erotic fantasies to keep you company.

How to find the right way between reason and dreams? Try to relax, to analyze things calmly, with tolerance and humor.

Don't allow Saturn to inhibit you, to take your flexibility and optimism away. Make sure you have romanticism in your relationship and use your imagination in bed, inventing scenarios, parts, stories. Use Neptune, don't allow it to get you carried away!

February-March 2013 will be a very dynamic period for Scorpios. A lot of planets will cross Scorpio's house of eroticism, awakening instincts and feelings. You can throw yourself in an adventure or just experience more intensely.

The last decan of April and all the month May 2013 will be full of passion and very motivating relationally. However, there'll be the danger of tension, of pushing it, of aggressiveness and conflicts. Beware!

Between September 11th and November 7th 2013 you'll be among Venus' favorites, the goddess of love, which will bring you sensuality and sentimental opportunities. Take advantage of it!

Scorpio Career and Money Horoscope 2013

With Saturn in Scorpio (October 2012 - September 2015), you'll have more or bigger responsibilities, an effort which will have to defeat the obstacles, the time and maybe even lack of chance.

It's not that this period won't have its achievements, but you'll often feel that it is hard, that you can't do enough, that your tasks are difficult or boring.

Fortunately, you can rely on Uranus to make those changes that will break monotony or to find the most ingenious solutions to the issues troubling you. Located in Scorpio's house of work between 2011 and 2018, Uranus will cry for changes, novelty and modernization.

As long as Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio, changes will have to happen under some control, based on a plan. But they need to happen, otherwise you'll risk other sort of professional collisions, which will come unexpectedly and they won't always be nice.

Jupiter will support you financially in the first part of 2013, providing extra income or making your access to others' resources easier (the partners' money, inheritance, donations, scholarships, sponsorship, loans, insurance). Jupiter could even facilitate an investment, if you're really interested.

In the second part of 2013, Jupiter will smoothen your way to the area of studies, culture, trips and interests depending on people from far away or from remote places. The trine Jupiter will make with Saturn in Scorpio will bring you stability and balance. You can now build slowly, but solidly.

By and large, February and March 2013 will favor the expression of talents and creativity.

The second part of March and the entire April 2013 will bring you a lot of work, overload, stress and professional emergencies, but they could be very productive.

June and July 2013 will start the fever of financial initiative. Don't rush with decisions!

September and November 2013 will come with high ambitions, combative spirit and need for promotion.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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