Sagittarius Horoscope 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope 2013

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Sagittarius 2013 Astrological Overview

Relationships will clearly be at the top of the year 2013 for Sagittarians, especially in the first six months. In this period Jupiter will spoil you, but will also set a trap: exhaustion. You might have exaggerate expectations of your significant other or you might tend to give too much. Try not to overdo it!

Jupiter will urge you to excesses not only as concerns relationships. It could very well be about money, food, alcohol, reactions or behavior, in general. A minimum level of moderation could do you good. Especially since your body resistance will not be great.

With Saturn in Sagittarius' house of hidden dangers and with Sagittarius' ruler in disputable aspects with your natal sign, the year 2013 won't guarantee you robust and stable morale. Indeed, Uranus will lend you some physical energy, but you cannot rely on it. Uranus will take action on and off and could have paradoxical effects. Consequently, you should take better care of yourself.

Have enough rest, avoid stress, try to have an organized lifestyle and exercise a lot! Don't go for severe diets and don't test wonder remedies, unless the doctor approves of them!

Regarding your accommodation, properties or family, be very careful in February and March 2013 as there might be confusion, ambiguous situations, troubles or various inconveniences.

From the financial point of view, beware in June-July 2013, when calculations, accountancy books, fiscal papers or communication could cause errors, arguments, delays.

Sagittarius 2013
Love and Relationships Horoscope

Due to the contribution of some energetic and enthusiastic planets, 2013 will be an extremely exciting year for Sagittarians.

"Accommodated" for several years in Sagittarius' house of love and sexuality, Uranus will lend you adrenaline on and off, will be thirsty for adventure and eager to experience new things.

Under Uranus' influence, love can occur at any time, on no notice, in the strangest circumstances or for the most unexpected person. Your eroticism will express vigorously, but it'll need challenges and will be ready to test all sorts of original, exotic, nonconformist, kinky things.

In the first half of 2013 Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will cross Sagittarius' house of couple. Your relational needs will be big and your thirst for affection will grow, as well as your power to give. There will be favorable opportunities for love to happen, engagement or marriage proposals, declarations, confirmations and other sentimental achievements.

If you have a relationship, it'll go through a happy stage, of enhancement and development. The person by your side can have professional or financial accomplishments or other kinds of success.

Jupiter loves freedom and can't stand confinement. If you're into a relationship that lacks comfort, is suffocating or restrictive, you're likely to demand your freedom back.

2013 will start off well, with Venus in Sagittarius, in a warm and relaxing atmosphere (the first decan of January 2013).

The prolonged conjunction of the fierce Mars with the ruler of Sagittarius' house of couple will turn February 2013 into a hot, passionate month, but with some risks of conflicts.

The second half of March and all April 2013 will have huge sexual potential and will predispose you to adventures and falling in love.

The second and third decans of May 2013 will bring you pleasant events and good luck with love.

With Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius' house of couple, in June 2013 passion will overflow.

October 2013 will bring back Venus to Sagittarius, and along with it, sensuality and chance.

Sagittarius Career and Money Horoscope 2013

From the career point of view, 2013 will rather be a neutral year for Sagittarians. It doesn't foreshadow major changes or significant events. It is, however, a promising year as regards associations and collaboration.

2013 will promote teamwork, coming together and cooperation. It'll help you broaden your circle of connections, to meet influential people, make strong allies. It could supply profitable partnerships and contracts. It'll be auspicious to you in competitions, court trials or conflicts.

On June 26th 2013 Jupiter will enter an area with financial connotations for Sagittarius. This could be about extra sums of money coming from collaboration, partnerships and other side sources. There will be opportunities related to some inheritance, gifts, scholarships, sponsorship. Contacts with the business environment, banks and other financial institutions will increase in number. It is most likely that your income will grow.

Beware though, because the financial field will not be risk and tension free for Sagittarians. Excesses and carelessness can result in losses. Don't spend more than you can afford, don't take out loans unless you have safe guarantees that you can pay them back and think twice before you get into speculations: what initially seems to be an easy way to make money could later prove to be a bad investment.

January 2013 will be an interesting month for Sagittarians' finances which, however, could tempt you into spending too much on luxury products or nice but unnecessary things. It'll be a rich month as regards procedures and initiatives requiring boldness and strength.

March and April 2013 will be good months to express your talents and creativity in.

May 2013 will be difficult and busy. Organize things thoroughly in order to avoid stress and time pressure!

June 2013 will strongly highlight your sector of collaboration and contracts. Mind diplomacy!

In June-August 2013 you can earn very well but you'll need to be very prudent about financial decisions. Don't take risks!

In September and in the period November 15th - December 20th 2013, your career promises to re-launch.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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