Pisces Horoscope 2013

Pisces Horoscope 2013

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Pisces 2013 Astrological Overview

The most spectacular area of the year 2013 for Pisces will be the one of passion. Related to love, first of all. You'll have enthusiastic feelings and emotions, which will encourage you to dare for more than you would usually do.

The love born under this transit of Jupiter can be remarkable, unlimited and careless. You'll take risks and you'll be restless, but you should know in advance that it might not last. Under Uranus' and Pluto's attacks, Jupiter cannot guarantee harmony and stability.

2013, especially in its second half, can however highlight any form of passion, from the one reflecting a talent or a calling, to the one of the hobby-type. For example, you can now take courses of acting or painting, take up pottery, astrology, feng shui, scuba diving, etc.

Creative expression will be a requirement of the year 2013, as well as physical expression. And physical expression doesn't refer to sex only, but to sport, martial arts, dancing, strolls or hikes also.

Your family life will benefit from more attention in 2013: the first part of the year will favor accommodation and relationships with relatives, especially with parents, and the second part will be dedicated especially to children and parenthood.

2013 will be a year in which your family could become bigger, by either the birth of a child or the marriage of a relative.

Pisces 2013
Love and Relationships Horoscope

With Neptune in Pisces, you'll reach a phase of your life that will highlight your lyrical predisposition. Everything that causes emotion - poetry, art, beauty - will make your heart tremble, will impress you and call for you to come closer.

Against this enhanced sensitiveness, feelings will grow more easily. You'll tend towards an idealistic romanticism, with no definite layout, which will primarily celebrate the idea of love in itself, a form of romanticism that will react to any suggestion of a fairytale or mystery. You'll have high sentimental availability making you go for the first call, while love can find your heart anytime.

This can happen, for example, in February, March and the first part of April 2013, when the ruler of Pisces' house of couple, Mercury, will be right in Pisces and when Neptune will be visited in turns by Mars, the Sun and Venus.

In the middle of this interval, the period February 26th - March 12th 2013 will be an exceptional one: in Pisces will be the romantic Neptune, Mars, the planet of desire, Venus, the planet of love, Mercury, the ruler of Pisces' house of couple, and the Sun, which will shine on this configuration very brightly, with special significance to your relational life. And this is just the beginning.

On June 26th 2013, Jupiter, the Greater Benefic and Pisces' traditional ruler, will enter Pisces' house of love and sexuality, where it'll stay for one year. The diaphanous energies of the soul will be joined by the vigorous energies of the body. Pheromones and adrenaline will go frantic, and your erotic instinct will break free triumphantly. The show may begin!

The show will begin in June 2013 already, opened by Mercury's and Venus' arrival in Pisces' house of love, and then it'll reach its peak in July 2013 when Mars comes along, followed later by the Sun; it'll go on until December 2013, supported by the transits of the planets through Pisces' house of couple.

Pisces Career and Money Horoscope 2013

The background will be created by the slow planets, which will have the same location for several years: Pluto, which will focus ambition and energy on the area of projects and collectivity (audience, the public, associations, foundations, clubs, parties etc.), of supporters and protectors; Neptune, which tends towards creativity, expression of talents and inner calls; Uranus, which energizes your financial sector, looking for new ways/sources of income and initiating money-related experiences, some profitable, others less pleasant.

A recent event (October last year) is Saturn's transit from Libra to Scorpio. On one hand, this move of Saturn will raise some financial restrictions for Pisceans; on the other hand, for the following years (until September 2015) it'll invite you to reevaluate your scale of values and your philosophy of life, to deeper, superior knowledge (studies, research, specializations, culture, spirituality) and to closer relationships with foreign countries and people at a distance. It's about a mature, long-lasting approach that aims at some complicated matters and requires effort, but can prove to be fruitful, especially in the second part of the year 2013.

Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces' house of career, will favor intellectual activities, communication and trips in the first part of 2013. It'll provide Pisceans opportunities related to premises and properties, and when in need, support from the family.

In the second part of 2013, Jupiter will help you use your creativity and aptitudes, take advantage of circumstances showing you in a favorable light. It could encourage you to explore, experience, look for new professional opportunities.

February, March and April 2013 will be active periods, full of initiative, including financial.

June 2013 will underline your ambitions and mobilize your strength towards definite aims.

September and the first part of October 2013 will be busy, stressful, but profitable.

The second part of November and all December 2013 will animate Pisceans' collaboration and partnerships.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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