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Libra Horoscope 2013

Libra 2013 Yearly Horoscope
Libra Zodiac Sign
Main Astrological Trends
for Libra in 2013

You're in for a full year. The career will reach its peak, and if you use your chances properly, you can make remarkable progress. The vocational houses (career, money, work) will be strongly highlighted in 2013.

Neptune's presence in Libra's house of work for long term indicates a latent need for expressing creativity, the artistic sense, fantasy and talent. Insert these elements into your profession! However, don't break order and rigor. Neptune is very eager to create disorder and confusion.

Mercury will carry out the three retrograde movements of the year 2013 in Libra's same vocational houses. Its dwelling on them for a long time will warn you that information, learning, communication (writing, oratory, sharing), documents, deals, exchanges, transactions and trips will have great influence on the profession and money. All this will play a special part in 2013, they will require attention and even caution when approached.

Be careful especially in the periods February 5th - April 14th 2013 (Mercury in your house of career) and September 29th - December 5th 2013 (Mercury in your house of money).

Home, family, parents, properties and durable goods will require concentration and focused energy all year round in 2013, but especially starting November.

Health will have to be under constant watch. The immune system will have to be strengthened, frequent medical check-ups are recommended, as well as avoiding circumstances that could lead to contamination or poisoning, excesses or substances generating addiction. Have an organized and balanced lifestyle!


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Libra Horoscope 2013
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