Libra Horoscope 2013

Libra Horoscope 2013

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Libra 2013 Astrological Overview

You're in for a full year. Librans' career will reach its peak, and if you use your chances properly, you can make remarkable progress. Your vocational houses (career, money, work) will be strongly highlighted in 2013.

Neptune's presence in Libra's house of work for long term indicates a latent need for expressing your creativity, artistic sense, fantasy and talent. Insert these elements into your profession! However, don't break order and rigor. Neptune is very eager to create disorder and confusion.

Mercury will carry out its three retrograde movements of the year 2013 in Libra's same vocational houses. Its dwelling on them for a long time will warn you that information, learning, communication (writing, oratory, sharing), documents, deals, exchanges, transactions and trips will have great influence on your career and money. All this will play a special part in 2013 and they will require attention and even caution when approached.

Be careful especially in the periods February 5th - April 14th 2013 (Mercury in Libra's house of career) and September 29th - December 5th 2013 (Mercury in Libra's house of money).

Home, family, parents, properties and durable goods will require concentration and focused energy all year round in 2013, but especially starting November.

Health will have to be under constant watch. Your immune system will have to be strengthened, frequent medical check-ups are recommended, as well as avoiding circumstances that could lead to contamination or poisoning, excesses or substances generating addiction. Have an organized and balanced lifestyle!

Libra 2013
Love and Relationships Horoscope

Saturn's departure from the sign of Libra (in October the previous year) has brought you back home and has dissipated part of the tension that has been burdening you for the past years. This relaxation can only be beneficial to your relational life.

You'll nevertheless get stuck with a certain pressure that Pluto is exerting from Capricorn on Libra's home and privacy and especially on Uranus, which is in Libra's house of couple. Anyway, Saturn's elimination from the equation will mean great relief.

Uranus still has a lot of surprises for Libras by 2018. It will do and undo before you know it, it'll surprise, lend enthusiasm, change. With Uranus in Libra's house of couple you can't have an ordinary, common, dull relational life.

Full of energy and playfulness, Uranus will demand experiments, new things, action, originality. It can cause strange circumstances, eccentric, unusual, atypical attraction. Uranus needs independence, it can't stand constraints. It brings together and sets apart as suddenly; it can cause unexpected, radical changes both with your relationship and your partner's behavior or life.

So that you get Uranus off your back in an honorable way, you'll have to create the new, the unusual, the change. Your relationship will have to be reinvented all the time, each of you will have to respect the other's private space, while beyond love must be friendship, conspiracy, shared interest in the unusual.

Even so, there'll still be critical moments and changes of situations. If you care for your couple stability (and Libras usually do), look for solutions to the like of Uranus!

The most active periods sentimentally and relationally for Librans in 2013 will be: January, March-April, June-August and November-December. It's hard to say whether they'll bring happy or unhappy events. Uranus is unpredictable. Anyway, expect hectic periods and load yourself with patience, optimism and sense of humor!

Libra Career and Money Horoscope 2013

Saturn has left Libra and, along with it, most of the blocks, obstacles and delays that have made you go through. You'll be in a different mood and benefit from more power to take action.

It's time you made use of what you acquired and built in Saturn's years (October 2009 - October 2012). Jupiter will help you. It might have already started lending a hand last year.

By the end of June 2013, the favorable wind will blow from remote places: your success will be connected to trips, foreign countries, long-distance collaboration.

Other opportunities, chances and achievements will aim at the intellectual sphere, studies, specializations, cultural and university preoccupations, research, editing, publishing.

The first six months of 2013 will be an excellent period for you to get ready for a master's degree or a PHD, to receive a scholarship abroad, to publish a book, etc. Your knowledge horizon will broaden, both at a physical level and at an intellectual-spiritual level.

The most favorable periods of the first semester 2013 will be February-March and May-June.

On June 26th 2013 Jupiter will enter Libra's house of career, where it'll stay until the summer of 2014. It'll be the most flourishing period for Librans, the time of success and praise. Jupiter will lend you ambition, will give you authority and prestige, and will help you extend your activity or area of influence. It can bring you honors, titles or fame, by means of bare chance or as a result of the support, protection or recommendation of somebody influential.

Jupiter in Libra's house of career is an auspicious transit, but not completely risk free: excesses, abuses, injustice, moral or legal breaches can be followed by compromising or failure. The periods of maximum potential, which will require maturity when approached though, will be: July-August, October and December 2013.

Financially, Saturn in Libra's house of money throughout all the year in 2013 will demand thorough management of money, safe investment, money put aside, as well as long-thought of strategies to boost the income.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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