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Libra 2013: Love Horoscope

Libra 2013 Yearly Horoscope
Libra 2013

Saturn's departure from the sign of Libra (in October the previous year) has brought you back home and has dissipated part of the tension that has been burdening you for the past years. This relaxation can only be beneficial to the relational life.

You'll nevertheless get stuck with a certain pressure that Pluto is exerting from Capricorn on home and privacy and especially on Uranus, which is in Libra's house of couples. Anyway, Saturn's elimination from the equation will mean great relief.

Uranus still has a lot f surprises for you by 2018. It will do and undo before you know it, it'll surprise, lend enthusiasm, change. With Uranus in Libra's house of couples you can't have an ordinary, common, dull relational life.

Full of energy and playfulness, Uranus will demand experiments, new things, action, originality. It can cause strange circumstances, eccentric, unusual, atypical attraction. Uranus needs independence, it can't stand constraints. It brings together and sets apart as suddenly; it can cause unexpected, radical changes both with the relationship and the partner's behavior or life.

So that you get Uranus off your back in an honorable way, you'll have to create the new, the unusual, the change. The relationship will have to be reinvented all the time, each of you will have to respect the other's private space, while beyond love must be friendship, conspiracy, shared interest in the unusual.

Even so, there'll still be critical moments and changes of situations. If you care for the couple stability (and Libras usually do), look for solutions to the like of Uranus!

The most active periods sentimentally and relationally in 2013 will be: January, March-April, June-August and November-December. It's hard to say whether they'll bring happy or unhappy events. Uranus is unpredictable. Anyway, expect hectic periods and load yourself with patience, optimism and sense of humor!

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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Libra 2013 Love Horoscope
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