Leo Horoscope 2013

Leo Horoscope 2013

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Leo 2013 Astrological Overview

In 2013 it's very unlikely for spectacular events to occur. The climate will be more discrete, closer to the interior. It seems to be a germinating period meant to prepare Leos a much more remarkable future phase.

The accommodation, family, real estate or patrimony goods, parents and relatives will require more attention, care, responsibility.

Uranus will be "accommodated" for long term (until 2018!) in Aries. For Leos, this astral configuration announces that there's a lot of energy that demands to be invested in studies, training, trips, long-distance relationships, cultural, university, publishing, philosophical or spiritual preoccupations. In all these there must be a degree of novelty, of the unexpected or surprise.

In the second part of the year 2013, Jupiter in Cancer will favor withdrawal, rest, meditation, secret activities or organizations that work within a limited circle. It'll be a good period for exploring the subconscious and its powers, for practicing and developing intuition and subtle perceptions.

Throughout the entire year 2013, Leos' health shouldn't be neglected. Pluto, located in Leo's house of diseases, will receive tense aspects from Uranus, and in the second part of the year from Jupiter as well. Tension, excesses and addictions need to be avoided or at least cut down.

Your body will give subtle warnings. Stay focused in order to find out what needs to be balanced, fixed, changed in due time. Don't take any signal, any symptom too easy! Diseases tend to develop silently, but progressively.

Leo 2013
Love and Relationships Horoscope

In the fall of the previous year, Saturn, the traditional ruler of Leo's house of couple, moved from Libra, where it had been since the fall of 2009, to Scorpio, where it'll stay until September 2015. In your relational life a change of state will take place: you'll notice higher stability, a focus on privacy and a deeper display of emotions.

However, if Saturn in Libra has agreed on compromises and adjustment for the sake of consensus, Saturn in Scorpio will be more radical, less willing to yield. Accommodation, properties and parents will require attention from all parties concerned or will significantly mark the development of your relationship. In the second part of 2013, strongly supported by Jupiter and Neptune, Saturn will be able to offer you certainty.

2013 will have a loud start with the impetuous Mars in Leo's house of relationships. January 2013 will speak about passion and conquest, about straightforward approaches, energetic initiatives and activities you will initiate together. Mars could sometimes push it, demand, impose, attack. You'll need diplomacy to eliminate the risk of conflicts.

February 2013 will bring Leos a note of benevolence, peace and affection. It's Venus' merit, which will enhance you power of seduction also.

The last decan of March and the first two decans of April 2013 will bring Leo's ruler in touch with Venus (romanticism) and Mars (desire), but also with Uranus, which electrifies, but also causes short-circuits.

In the last decan of April and the first decan of May 2013 there could be critical moments. Beware!

The second half of May 2013 will be perfect for having fun and socializing, and July will bring Leos sentimental opportunities and will favor the expression of sensuality.

September and October 2013 will be months of considerable erotic potential. Take advantage of it!

October and November 2013 could bring analyses and decisions.

Leo Career and Money Horoscope 2013

Pluto in Leo's house of work will continue to put pressure, wanting to control the situation, to lead to performance and to obtain as big a profit as possible.

If for the past two or three years Pluto's efforts have resulted in worries and frustration, be happy, as from now on, for another two or three years, Pluto's ambitions will be supported by the solid and perseverant Saturn.

You can progress considerably, not necessarily by fast pace, but by going on a safer, more secure field. You'll have the capacity to build efficient strategies and the tenacity to follow them.

January 2013 will help you make an idea of how much you can accomplish. The passing of the Sun, Mercury and Venus through Leo's house of work will highlight your resources and underline your talent, intelligence and competence.

Moreover, January 2013 will stimulate competition, as well as your capacity to cooperate, to make a team effort, which will continue in February too.

February and the first part of March 2013 will show a lot of financial activity: initiatives related to business, investment, loans, scholarships, funds, fiscal obligations, etc.

The spring of 2013, although hectic, will be remarkable as regards promotion: studies, trips, long-distance collaboration, social status, fame, success.

In the first part of 2013 (up to the end of June), Jupiter will offer you goodwill and protection on behalf of some important people, support from your friends, fans and supporters, popularity and success with group actions. In this direction, significant events are to be expected in May and June 2013.

June and July 2013 can be unusual for Leos from the financial point of view. Caution!

Your sense of action will reanimate in September and in the first part of October 2013. The second part of October and November 2013 will be active, but rather risky financially.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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