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Gemini 2013: Career Horoscope

Gemini 2013 Yearly Horoscope
Gemini 2013

2013 will be a year with a big stake professionally speaking. Gemini's vocational houses (money, work, status) will be marked by important transits, foreshadowing events with considerable impact.

In the first part of the year, Jupiter, the traditional ruler of your house of career, will be in Gemini. This transit amplifies ambitions, the wish for fame, respect and promotion, the necessity to do something in order to improve status. Jupiter in Gemini needs expansion and freedom to act, and will strive to get them.

Opportunities will not miss and they might be connected to studies, culture, to the scientific, university, publishing environment, maybe to foreign countries, distances, trips. But, although there will be enthusiasm and energy, things will not develop simply.

Saturn will be in Gemini's house of work throughout all the year 2013. This transit demands a serious and responsible approach, predisposes to work requiring perseverance, patience, preciseness and practical sense, but it can also assign you difficult, tiring or insufficiently paid-for tasks.

The period February-March 2013 will be very challenging, meaning a re-thinking or specification of objectives, important decisions, energetic actions, competition, fight, maybe stress or conflicts also. You can win a battle now, if you have a good strategy, or you can be defeated, if you act in an impulsive, risky way.

The last part of May and June 2013 will also bring a lot of action, but they will offer chance and opportunities as well.

On June 26th 2013, Jupiter will enter Gemini's house of money and in the second part of the year it'll make a trigon with Neptune situated in your house of career and with Saturn in your house of work. The situation will find a balance, the energies will flow harmoniously, you could find your place or path, reach professional and material fulfillment.

October and November 2013 will have a special connection to work and work means, methods and instruments, and will bound together professional activities with the intellect, studies, conceiving work, editing, communication, skill.

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Gemini 2013: Career Horoscope
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