Capricorn Horoscope 2013

Capricorn Horoscope 2013

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Capricorn 2013 Astrological Overview

2013 will be a better year for Capricornians than the previous one. Saturn won't throw obstacles in your way anymore, and Jupiter will show the future in attractive colors: your career will benefit from special opportunities in the first half of the year, while your love life one will challenge you for adventure in the second half.

Pluto will be in Capricorn for many years ahead, strengthening your physical power and tenacity, intensifying your desires and ambitions, making your intuition keener and focusing energy on your aims. Pluto, with its need for control, power and money, with its psychological insight, passions and demons from abyss, obsessions, frustrations and sometimes with its inevitable dramas.

Neptune will also be in Capricorn's house of intellect and communication for many years. Neptune will share with you its spiritual search, need for communication through art, poetry, images (or other means of generating emotion), its capacity to enchant or tempt through words.

Located in Aries (where it'll stay for several more years), Uranus will disturb you the most. It'll be the one turning the equilibrium of your home, parents and properties upside down. Uranus, with its taste for change, novelty, modernization, surprise, bewilderment, restlessness, with its rebellion against pre-established order.

Uranus electrifies and demands action. You'd better do as it wishes. If you do nothing, Uranus will be ready to take changes into its own hands - and it might deal with it in a way that won't do you justice.

Capricorn 2013
Love and Relationships Horoscope

The first part of the year 2013 will generally not be significantly different from the second half of the previous year. There will be different shades, though, generated by the transit of the personal planets.

Therefore, January 2013 will enchant you by having Venus in Capricorn. Venus' irresistible attributes, charm, elegance and sensuality will surround you and enhance your capacity to seduce. There will be opportunities for love, dates and reconciliation to happen, and your couple atmosphere will be tender and cooperative.

March 2013 will focus Capricornians' attention on conversations, mail, declarations, romantic strolls and trips. It can also cause some discrepancies, but they can be easily avoided by making messages clear.

The second part of April and all the month May 2013 will vigorously stimulate your sexual energy and romantic tendencies. Your overflowing eroticism will give birth to flirts, adventure, passion.

Between 3rd and 27th June 2013 the stars will favor you again: Venus, the Lesser Benefic, will cross Capricorn's house of couple.

It's still in June that a highly important event will take place: Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will also enter Capricorn's house of couple, where it'll stay until July 2014. Traditionally, Jupiter in your house of couple offers the brightest perspectives of happiness, fulfillment and understanding. The relationship will develop harmoniously, there'll be shared achievements, the partner will benefit from professional or financial chance, etc.

Jupiter will broaden your perspective, will enhance the offer and create the appropriate environment for love, reconciliation, engagement or even marriage to happen. It's still Jupiter that can set you free from an unhappy relationship.

If it's disturbed by other planetary transits, Jupiter can harm one's relational life by excesses, extravagancy, waste, vanity, exaggeration, carelessness or dishonesty. Beware especially at the end of June, in July and August 2013, but also in the last decan of September and the first half of October, as well as in December 2013!

Capricorn Career and Money Horoscope 2013

Saturn left Capricorn's house of career in October last year, after it slowed you down, obstructed you, burdened and overloaded you for three years. From now on, you can evolve freely and make progress, with higher chances to succeed.

Located in Scorpio, Saturn will join Pluto, located right in Capricorn, following the same aim: focusing energy and persevering in achieving your objectives.

Jupiter has been in Capricorn's house of work since last summer and it has probably started giving you ideas ever since, recommending solutions, delivering opportunities.

In the first half of 2013, Jupiter will suggest you new horizons: a more interesting or better paid job, a position giving you authority and freedom of action, professional circumstances making you stand out, bringing you prestige and social expansion. May and June 2013 will be the best months for all this.

On June 26th 2013 Jupiter will enter Capricorn's house of relationships where it'll stay for one year. There will be tempting collaboration offers, profitable contracts while the people around you will generally like and trust you and they will seem eager to cooperate.

You seem to have bright perspectives but you need to keep vigilant. Full and unconditioned trust is risky. Avoid business or association proposals that will come from nice, enthusiastic people who promise a lot, but who can be mere adventurers or people without a sense of moderation or even worse, dishonest.

Prudence is recommended especially in the period June-August 2013, in September (as regards financial matters) and in December 2013. Make deals with trustworthy people who can offer guarantees and make sure the contracts are legal; this way, you'll be able to benefit from Jupiter's profitable side!

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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