Cancer Horoscope 2013

Cancer Horoscope 2013

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Cancer 2013 Astrological Overview

Mercury will spend a bit over two months in Cancer (more than the double of an ordinary stay) in July, August and the first week of September 2013. Its persistence wants to draw your attention to information, studies, intellectual preoccupations, but also to communication, trips, changes, transactions and skill. Mercury will have something to say, so try to get its message!

Jupiter's transit through Cancer, which will start on June 26th 2013, will be a strange one. Jupiter is indeed the Greater Benefic, and Cancer is its sign of maximum power. Jupiter in Cancer can provide chances you would never dare to hope for: it can make you advance in your career, bring you material favors, trips, broader horizons, maybe even a richer erotic life.

However, Jupiter is Zeus, the master of the Olympus, which is thunderous when it's angry. That's why it often happens that under its transit disturbing events occur. The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto combination will lay great pressure on the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) in the second part of 2013. Prudence and moderation, especially in July-August, October and December 2013!

On November 5th 2013 Venus will enter Cancer's house of relationships where it'll stay much longer than usual: four months! The period will be especially relevant to Cancerians' couple life, but also to collaboration, associations, contracts, friendship or other social interactions, including to rivalry, competitions or court trials.

Prepare your field in advance, so that you make sure that things will work within the desired parameters.

Cancer 2013
Love and Relationships Horoscope

In 2013 things will be taken seriously, responsibly and sometimes inflexibly. Pluto in Cancer's house of couple and Saturn in Cancer's house of eroticism will support the search for the authentic, for the essence, maybe even perfection. Relationships will tend to have a deep, sober, sometimes dramatic note. There can also be attempts, frustrations, interdictions, delays, impossibility.

Other scenarios are also possible though. For example, with Pluto in Cancer's house of relationships, your partner will focus on certain aims, or with Saturn in Cancer's fifth house you'll have to take more responsibility or make more effort as concerns the children, a pregnancy, parenthood.

Pluto and Saturn can manifest in plenty of ways. The common idea is about focus, responsibility, maturity, commitment. That doesn't rule out passion. It awaits somewhere deep down, although you're trying to control it.

Beware, though: when you're dealing with Pluto and Saturn, you are seldom in control of things. They're fate planets which give birth to inevitable situations, whose itinerary cannot be changed.

However, there will be several colorful spots in 2013, marked by sobriety.

For instance, January 2013 will be a very active month sentimentally speaking, which will bring events, but also a certain benevolence, grace and sentimental liveliness due to the fact that Venus, Mercury and the Sun will cross Cancer's house of relationships.

The Moon eclipse on April 25th 2013 could have special significance as regards sexuality or children, and its effects tend to stretch in an interval of roughly two weeks before and after this date.

With Venus and Mercury in Cancer, June 2013 will bring charm and mood for play.

September 2013 will be marked by sensual notes.

On November 5th 2013, Venus will enter Cancer's house of couple where it'll stay unusually long: until March 5th 2014. It'll be a reference period for Cancerians' relationships.

Cancer Career and Money Horoscope 2013

Uranus will continue to animate your house of career. It'll energize, give birth to vitality, desire for action, novelty, change; it'll promote progress, independence, experiments and originality.

Under this transit of Uranus, you can brush on your professional interests and methods, single yourself out, do something unusual or develop on your own.

Uranus is strong and can impose its demands regardless of your will. It'd be better if you preceded it by operating changes you'll take responsibility for. Otherwise, Uranus can cause unwanted and unexpected changes of situation, which will not favor you.

March and April 2013 will be months of high professional importance: through Cancer's house of career (and over Uranus!) will pass the Sun, Venus, Mercury and especially the enterprising Mars, which happens to be the ruler of the house also. In this period, you'll take action very vigorously and will have more initiative. However, expect stress and possible collisions, also!

On June 26th 2013 a great astral event will take place: Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will enter Cancer, where it'll stay for one year. Enthusiasm will boost, as well as optimism, vigor, the need for expansion.

You'll now start to consider greater, bolder plans, and you'll have more strength to put into practice the changes demanded by Uranus. Jupiter promises opportunities at all levels, but especially at the level of studies and profession. Let's not forget that Jupiter rules your houses of work and of the superior intellect.

June and July 2013 will offer Cancerians even more chances by Mercury's, Venus' and the Sun's transits.

Between July 13th and August 28th 2013, Mars joins Jupiter. You can now do anything you set your mind to, but you'll have to assess the risks very carefully.

November and December 2013 will also have high career potential.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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