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Aries 2013: Love Horoscope

Aries 2013 Yearly Horoscope
Aries 2013

You should dedicate an ode to the planetary dynamics that has finally asked Saturn to leave Aries' house of couples. After three years of blocks, complications or resistance tests, things can develop freely, without constraints.

The year 2013 seems to be a relaxed one. In the astrological houses relevant to the sentimental and couple life of Aries people no disturbing events will take place, nor will the rulers of these houses resort to extreme deeds, so no major changes are foreseen.

However, by no means will the sentimental life be dull. The Aries still has a passionate nature, ready to catch fire at the first spark, and Uranus in Aries promises surprises and changes of situation that can occur in any area of life, therefore in the sentimental one too.

Throughout the year 2013 there will be several periods with enhanced relational potential.

The most exciting will be the period March-April 2013, when the seductive Venus, the planet of love, and the burning Mars, the planet of desire, will reach Aries. An energizing combination, especially since Mars is the ruler of Aries, and Venus governs Aries' house of couples.

In March-April 2013, relationships will catch attention, will mobilize energies and dictate the nature of decisions and actions. Emotions will be intense and immediate, and reason will hardly manage to make a stand in front of them. You can now experience the hottest moments, but you can also be extremely imprudent.

The second half of May 2013 will bring chance and good results.

The months July, August and September 2013 will carry a lot of romantic and erotic load; nevertheless, beware, as September 2013 will be a tense month, in which passions can get out of control.

Nor will the first part of October 2013 be too easy.

Finally, on December 7th 2013 will open an extremely challenging cycle, which will last until the summer of 2014.

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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Aries 2013 Love Horoscope
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