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Aquarius 2013: Career Horoscope

Aquarius 2013 Yearly Horoscope
Aquarius 2013

Saturn arrived in Aquarius' house of career in October last year and it'll stay there until September 2015. Three difficult and burdening years, because Saturn sets tasks, rules and restrictions, which the rebellious Aquarius people don't like a bit.

But this is it: Saturn thinks time has come for you to learn what discipline, patience, responsibility, planning and tenacity mean. And you must follow it so that you don't fail. You'll probably have a burden on your shoulders: many and difficult tasks, stereotype work, lack of excitement, a grumpy, demanding or hostile boss, a very busy schedule, with impossible work hours, etc.

In January 2013, in the last decanate of April and all May 2013 you'll feel the restrictive action of Saturn rather strongly. There will be periods in which collisions of forces, pride and wills can lead to tough situations.

The second half of March 2013 and the first half of April will also imply a degree of risk: they will incite to rebellion, radical decisions, rash statements, verbal conflicts, incidents and accidents.

To your luck, on June 26th 2013 Jupiter will enter Aquarius' house of work, making things easier to you, lending you strength and creating a niche of favorable opportunities. Jupiter and Saturn work well together, so you'll make progress in the second part of the year 2013, and your work will be better paid.

The last decanate of June, all the month July and even August 2013 will form a busy, demanding, hectic, stressful interval, which could be very productive though. However, pay attention to documents and communication!

September 2013 will focus on partnerships, but can also bring along competition, rivalry, conflicts and misunderstandings.

October and November 2013 will be important as regards position and status, but will impose prudent and long-thought-of decisions. They will be active months financially speaking, in which you shouldn't take risks though.

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Aquarius 2013: Career Horoscope
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