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Leo Love Horoscope 2012

Astrology predictions for Leo - romance, love & relationships in 2012

Love Horoscope Leo 2012
Leo 2012

A piece of news that should make you happy is that on February 3rd 2012 Neptune will leave your house of couples for good, which it has been disturbing in a more or less subtle way for 14 years (since 1998).

Some of the romantic atmosphere will dissipate, but along with it, you'll escape the tendency to fool yourself, to become close to the wrong people, to accept confused situations or hypocrite people around you. Reason will start prevailing.

If nothing interesting happened in the sentimental area in the past years, starting February 2012 there'll be no barrier in this direction!

Communication will remain the key to a happy relationship or marriage until October 2012, and trips or intellectual preoccupations could consolidate the already existing relationships or encourage the new ones, if you're single.

The interval April-July 2012 will especially favor socialization and group initiatives, which, in their turn, will create a suitable context to starting or flourishing relationships.

In June 2012, Jupiter, the ruler of Leo's house of love and sexuality, will enter Gemini, increasing curiosity about various aspects of eroticism and interest in flirts and adventure for one year ahead.

Under the conjunction between Mars and the ruler of your house of couples, August 2012 promises to be hot and passionate, but it entails a certain risk of dissensions coming from stubbornness, irritability, anxiousness or egotism.

September 2012 will place you under the wing of Venus, which will lend you charm, seduction capacity, sensuality and good luck in love.

Mars will stir passion again in October and the first part of November 2012; this period will be marked by strong libido and clear tendencies towards sentimental conquering.

The period between Christmas 2012 and New Year's Eve 2013 will be much under the same tendencies.

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Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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Leo Love Horoscope 2012
Astrology predictions for Leo - romance, love & relationships in 2012

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