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Scorpio’s Love and Relationships in 2011

Cupid's realm is getting ready for love. In April 2011, the romantic Neptune will enter Scorpio's house of love and sensuality which he'll leave in August though. Only in 2012 it'll settle there for long term. It's only checking it now.

The Neptune-like effect might suit you or not. Neptune promotes idealism, charm and seduction, but it doesn't really do well at facts. Sometimes, however, the romantic trance has its own charm.

If you want something concrete though, 2011 can offer it to you, even fully! In March-May 2011, Venus and Mars will speak about passion, and in June 2011, Jupiter will enter Scorpio's house of couple promisingly, where it will stay for one year.

The Greater Benefic will bring you an ample relational opening, a period of opportunities and flourishing. It can help you find your soul mate, improve your couple life or regain your freedom if you're in a relationship that doesn't satisfy you. Moreover, it can bring you more offers simultaneously, so that you have a lot to choose from. October seems to hold some special chances.

Scorpio’s Home and Family Life in 2011

Slowly, the atmosphere at home seems to loosen up and there are good chances for some older misunderstandings about your house or other properties to be solved.

There will still be some unsolved issues, but the situation will completely clear up only starting with 2012.

Scorpio’s Career and Money in 2011

Uranus' entering Scorpio's house of work in 2011 will inaugurate an intense seven-year cycle in the career area, but also reconsiderations and changes. The fear of the new will disappear, and courage, independence and initiative will manifest more and more intensely.

The first five months of 2011 will be favorable to expansion, due to Jupiter's transit through your house of work. The joint influence of Uranus and Jupiter will create the conditions for the appearance of some special opportunities, especially in March, April, and particularly May 2011.

As Jupiter governs Scorpio's house of money, your efforts will probably be generously rewarded. Moreover, unexpected sums of money are foreseen, or some other material advantages.

Be careful, though, how you manage your finances! The months June-July and November-December 2011 will be risk-prone periods.

From June till the end of 2011 contracts and collaborations will be favored, and the range of useful connections will widen.

Caution in August 2011 because you might experience some problems with superiors or authorities, or your prestige might be shadowed.

Scorpio’s Health in 2011

2011 could be called "the year of redecorations". You can fix your teeth now, and also successfully take care of the way you look.

From exercising, diets, massage, and cosmetic procedures to cosmetic surgeries, anything leading to improving your physical appearance seems to be successfully carried through.

If you have nasty habits, such as smoking or biting your nails, now it's the time to get rid of them.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
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Scorpio Horoscope 2011
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