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2016 Horoscopes

Annual Horoscopes 2016

Astrology predictions 2016, by Sun sign. Main trends, love & relationships, career & finances horoscope.

Monthly Horoscope

Accurate monthly astrology predictions for each Sun sign, based on current astrological transits and aspects.

Daily Horoscope

Free daily astrology predictions for today, tomorrow and after-tomorrow: overview of the day and daily horoscope of each zodiac sign.
Calculated and interpreted by top professional astrologers!

Moon Book

Days are not equal and they are never the same. There are patterns, though, repeating and replicating, infused by the Moon with different energies as she travels around the zodiac.
The articles in the Moon Book section offer hints and tips on how to stay in touch with a day’s feel and mood.

Love & Compatibility Astrology

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

How compatible are any two Sun signs in a relationship? A series of 144 articles analysing astrology compatibility sign by sign.

Zodiac Signs in Love

Romantic profiles of men and women by zodiac sign. An astrology guide for better relationships.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Find out how well any two Chinese zodiac signs will get along as lovers or friends or partners.

Zodiacs and the Zodiac Signs

The Western Zodiac and the Sun Signs

Astrology profiles of all Sun signs: birthdates, planets, colors & birtstones, virtues & weaknesses, compatible Sun signs, etc.

The Chinese Zodiac

Profiles of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs: personality, love and relationships, career and money.

Astrology Web Content

Syndicated Daily Horoscope

Are you looking for a daily horoscope content for your website? Here is a horoscope script that is free and easy to implement.

Astrology Configuration of the Day

Sun, Moon and Planets Now

May 28, 2016 - 7:51 EDT

Symbols of planets

Sun at 7° 35' Gemini
Moon at 24° 48' Aquarius
Mercury at 15° 40' Taurus
Venus at 5° 03' Gemini
Mars at 29° 41' Scorpio
Jupiter at 13° 50' Virgo
Saturn at 13° 32' Sagittarius
Uranus at 23° 05' Aries
Neptune at 12° 14' Pisces
Pluto at 16° 49' Capricorn